An Affidavit! What For?

What is an affidavit and why would anyone even need one? That is a good question! An affidavit is a document that was drafted or written that certifies to the correctness or truth of the components of the documents. So in other words, using this document, you are basically stating that everything in it is true to the best of your knowledge. Why is this so important? This is key because in many cases whereby there is need to present proof of evidence, like in a court case, this document can be presented to back up the facts.

There are many reasons why one would choose to have an affidavit. It could be to have proof of residency. For example, when people in a certain community are trying to register their child for school in a certain district, if they do not have all the documents in place to prove residency, maybe utility bills and voting registration cards, the school might request an affidavit proving residency. Affidavits are also necessary when applying for a passport or registering for a new business.

It is important to know that an affidavit can be used as the only proof of evidence in cases where there is no other solid means or way to prove the truth of facts presented. This is why an affidavit is taken so seriously and is thereby a legal document. So if one makes any false claims in an affidavit, they are liable to face prosecution. However, in order for an affidavit to be legal, it needs to signed in front of a notary public. The notary public would then proceed to place their seal on the document.

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